Spiv Diia


SpivDiia maintains a nationwide peer-to-peer platform that helps volunteer, state, and business initiatives provide humanitarian aid and support services to Ukrainian citizens.SpivDiia’s services include: (1) SpivDiia Hubs – regional centers that provide resources to local citizens such as food, social services, and education; (2) SpivDiia Children – provision of emotional and psychological support to children who have been evacuated from areas where active hostilities are taking place; (3) SpivDiia Psychological Services –provision of counseling and psychological services to the civilian population; (4) SpivDiia Shelter –temporary housing for displaced persons; (5) SpivDiia Employment – assistance and employment for displaced persons; (6) SpivDiia Entrepreneurs – support and development for promising businesses; and (7) SpivDiia Legal Services – legal advice regarding a variety of issues.As of July 2022, SpivDiia operates 24 hubs in Ukraine and has more than 5,000 volunteers.

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